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Academy of a Private Investor

It is an online educational portal for training private investors. API was established on September 15, 2011 as a project to educate partners in financial and investment literacy, designed to help people become more educated and more successful in both investing and managing their finances.

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Academy of a Private Investor

Benefits and value

Provide people who are striving to reach a new level of financial well-being with valuable and useful information, thereby helping them discover the science of investing. API courses are designed for almost all age groups, from beginners to experienced students, because anyone, regardless of age, can master the basics of investing and improve in this direction.


What tasks does it solve

A key feature of the Academy of a Private Investor is the development of not only the mental, but also the spiritual potential of an individual. There is no hierarchy within the team, each student is a member of a large family, where everyone helps each other. Thanks to this approach, the quality of knowledge increases, and graduates acquire all the skills necessary for successful long-term investing.

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