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Make your biggest breakthrough with the most practice-oriented online training on how to scale your international business, develop your career and get thousands of people in your team in the field of multilevel business.
MLCI PRO is a comprehensive program for new leaders that will teach you how to make massive sales of highly-demanded technologies, products and services at a high price in a quick and eco-friendly way and earn money.
Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams in the next 6-12 months?
We have all the tools for that.

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This training is ideal for those who:

  • are not sure how to scale their business
  • can’t get off the ground, stuck in one place, and can’t improve their result no matter what they do
  • would like to master all the fundamental knowledge in one go
  • want to become a mentor with a Leadership position and transfer knowledge to your partners?
  • want to be become MLCI PRO

8 sessions

Training program

Session 1

Evolution in business: Multilevel business and tuning for success

  1. Our mission – make this world a better place
  2. NEEM community
  3. Innovative business model
  4. Dream formula
  5. Pyramid of goals
  6. Wheel of life balance

Session 2

Blockchain-based innovative technologies and their role in the modern world

  1. The era of blockchain technology and cryptoeconomics
  2. Blockchain platform
  3. UGPay Group
  4. Unit Exchange
  5. Global Unit Pay
  6. Technologies and their future

Session 3

First steps towards financial freedom

  1. 3 types of cash flows
  2. Investor levels
  3. Financial planning
  4. Financial instrument reliability

Session 4

Multilevel business system (practical session)

  1. Become a professional
  2. System 1: Recruitment and selection (exchange of experience and results in groups)

Session 5

Multilevel business system

  1. System 2: Connecting to the business
    • 90 Day Business Connection System
    • Duplication
    • Social networks
    • Action plan 3×30 days

Session 6

Multilevel business system

  1. System 3: Trainings and Schools
    • Multilevel business training system
    • Team coaching and mentoring
  2. System 4: Leadership Growth
    • Leader growth system
    • 8 qualities of a leader
    • How to Become a Good Leader
    • Business planning for 3-6-9-12 months

Session 7

Fundamentals of a Successful and Wealthy Personality

  1. The importance of the sales funnel
  2. Procrastination
  3. Force of habit
  4. 5 levels of motivation
  5. The psychology of persuasion and personal responsibility

Session 8

  1. Triangle of success
  2. How to build a team with positive thoughts
  3. Transformation
  4. How to compose and tell your story in multilevel business
  5. Formula of fate
  6. Commitments

Course teacher

Mila Serdjukova

Representative of the Strategic Department, Evorich partner program President, Director of Strategic Development of the company, investment consultant, certified “Master-Profi” coach and host of “Genius of Finance”, international speaker.

Course teacher

Armands Murnieks

Representative of the Strategic Department, Chairman of the Board of Ambassadors, Top-cheque of the company, Evorich partner program President, resident of the Hall of Fame of Global Network Entrepreneurs, TOP-20 of the best recruiters in the world, certified “Master-Profi” coach.

Course teacher

Members of the Top Leaders Council of the company


Helps to stabilize and strengthen knowledge


Independent online training based on video recordings, a mentoring session lasting 60 minutes on a topic chosen by the listener.


Individual consultations with your sponsor, mentoring sessions and facebook support groups


Ability to use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice. All the participants who complete the training will be awarded with the special certificates. These certificates will be a plus for those who will be applying for the upcoming position in the corporate teams

Get advice on courses and possible discounts

You will learn the levels of training of students and the skills that you will receive after completing the chosen course.