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Million-Dollar Partner: Start in the MLCI Business

Take your first steps in launching a successful multilevel business with a simple step-by-step system using the latest marketing strategies and techniques.

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Who is this training for?

  • For those who made up their mind to build a successful multilevel business but are afraid to start
  • For aspiring multilevel business entrepreneurs who are stuck in place and have no development and support strategy
  • For aspiring multilevel business entrepreneurs who cannot handle high competition
  • For existing multilevel business entrepreneurs who are tired of traditional products and are looking for new business ideas
  • For everyone who is on the lookout for new opportunities

12 courses

Training program

  1. Set goals for 30 days. Define a roadmap for success.
  2. Understand that registering new partners is not difficult.
  3. Start receiving the first registrations in your structure and see the desired growth.
  4. Learn the tricks that 90% of multilevel business entrepreneurs do not know.
  5. Reach your first “core rank”.
  6. Learn ideas for getting an endless list of contacts.
  7. Master basic social media skills and communication with candidates.
  8. Time Management 10X: Learn to manage your time 10x more efficiently.
  9. Learn 3 easy steps for a rendezvous invitation.
  10. Learn to understand and define your perspectives.
  11. Master the theory of objection handling using the “3F” method.
  12. Summarize the training and plan further steps.

Course teacher

Mila Serdjukova

Representative of the Strategic Department, Evorich partner program President, Director of Strategic Development of the company, investment consultant, certified “Master-Profi” coach and host of “Genius of Finance”, international speaker.

Course teacher

Anete Martinsone

Representative of the Board of Ambassadors, Evorich partner program Vice President, Head of the Evorich Education Department, International Speaker.



Help in building an multilevel business in the first 30-90 days


Independent online learning from videos.


Individual consultations with your sponsor


Ability to use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice

Get advice on courses and possible discounts

You will learn the levels of investor training and the skills that you will acquire after completing the chosen course.