Consent to the processing of personal data

Our Privacy Policy mentions several cases where we need the information to personally identify you. Typically, this will include an email address to sign in through the International Marketing Community INC personal account and to manage your account.

Further, in order for you to make purchases, receive bonuses and gifts, deposit and withdraw money in your personal account, and your other operations in your personal account, we will need from you the necessary and sufficient confirming data about your identity, as well as your contact information, solely for that so that we can ensure the necessary safety and security of your purchases, transactions in your personal account, gifts, bonuses, as well as provide feedback with you for the same purposes.

By registering on the website, specifying information about yourself, you give consent to International Marketing Community INC to the processing (namely: collection, accumulation, systematization, storage, clarification, use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking, destruction) of your personal data and you instruct the owner, if necessary, to publish your data in whole or in part for the quality provision of services in accordance with the terms of the partner agreement.

By giving this consent, you confirm that you take responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of your personal data specified during registration, their timely updating. You are obliged to immediately provide documents confirming the authenticity of the personal data you have provided, for the purpose of accurate identification at the request of International Marketing Community INC.

Your information, which you voluntarily enter into the registration form on the company’s website, is used to render and provide services to you, to analyze requests, questions, claims and interests of users. For example, to assist you in performing the necessary operations in your account, make requests, keep in touch with you, provide services and provide you with technical support, notify you about changes in the work of the company’s services, about ongoing promotions, beneficial offers, gifts from the company, as well as customize the newsletter, offers that are of interest to you.

At the same time, International Marketing Community INC undertakes an obligation of non-dissemination of personal data to third parties without legal and necessary grounds in accordance with the legislation of the place of registration of the Company.

You can always unsubscribe from emails of useful and informative information that we provide you.

If you want to change your preferences now or later, you can do so every time you would like – in your personal account, or by contacting our Support Service.

International Marketing Community INC takes all necessary actions to comply with applicable laws of the state of Delaware, USA.