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New Digital Evolution – NDE

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[EVENTI 2021] Are you ready for a new world?

The modern world is changing very quickly, becoming diverse, technologies are developing faster and each person must change along with the world in order to meet these changes.

At the same time, those who seek opportunities in this new world can receive them fivefold and create a fortune in a short time.

But are you ready to recognize them and take full advantage of them?

The unique and incredibly powerful EVENTI 2021 will take place on October 19,and you should be there!

Here’s why:

  • it is a worthy environment where everyone will grow: people who are positive-minded, self-confident and take responsibility for their future;
  • transform attitudes in your mind;
  • plunge into the atmosphere of success and prosperity, you will no longer want to return to your past life;
  • you will discover new topics for Leadership development, transformation and building a successful international MLCI business;
  • hear the secrets of success and insights from Evorich Top-Leaders;
  • you will discover new investment opportunities that were previously available only to people with solid capital, and today – also to you.

Those who are ready to develop, absorb new information and put it into practice, get everything.

Judging by the pace of ticket purchases, there is a sore lack of seats. Tickets are redeemed by entire teams. By the way, it’s more advantageous, take a look:

  • 5 EVENTI 2021: PERSONAL packages — 1250 UNT
  • 1 EVENTI 2021: LEADERSHIP package — just 1000 UNT

Buying a Leadership package for 5 people you save 20% (250 UNT).

The LAST opportunity to take your seat! Join the most powerful event right now and start your journey to financial freedom!

I want to be at EVENTI 2021

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[Million-dollar partner: start in the MLCI business] 60% discount until the end of September!

We are announcing a month of promotions and discounts on educational courses and materials this September – a month of study and favorable prices.

It’s never too late to learn: no matter how old you are. The “Million-dollar partner: start in the MLCI business” training is designed for beginners in the MLCI business who want to learn the ABCs of this business direction, learn the basics and lay a solid foundation for a quick and effective start of their business.

Until the end of September, the “Million-dollar partner: start in the MLCI business” training can be purchased with a 60% discount!

  • Promotion validity: until 30 September 23:59 Moscow time
  • Price: 250 99 UNT

If you have long dreamed of building an international business with the ability to create a source of unlimited income, then now is the time to act!

Gain knowledge, develop, take confident steps in the MLCI business and save wisely.

Get the course with the discount!

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Nice to meet you – Dubai, or preparing for EVENTI 2021

What do you know about the largest city in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai?

Dubai is the youngest metropolis, the “wonder city”, the largest trade and financial center in the whole Middle East. It is incredible and never ceases to change and amaze residents and tourists every day.

Unremarkable just half a century ago, today Dubai has become one of the richest cities in the world with modern architecture and luxury shops, a real fairy tale for tourists, the world’s largest center for innovation, research and development.

We already met in this city at EvorichSummit21 on March 30 of this year, where hundreds of our friends and partners from all over the world were present.

Now we are returning to Dubai once again to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the company and the MLCI business at EVENTI 2021! The grand tour where Evorich Leaders from all over the world will have the opportunity to organize regional EVENTI in their countries will kick off in this city.

Join the party while tickets are still available: 89 EVENTI 2021: PERSONAL packages and just 1 EVENTI 2021: LEADERSHIP package remaining.

Get a ticket

The celebration will take place in October 2021, we will inform you about the exact dates and address of the event.

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Recruit a trader and earn 20% of their trade: the new Unit Exchange referral system

A new reward service was integrated into the Unit Exchange platform on August 26 – a 1-tier referral system. Now the exchange shares 20% of its income with all loyal partners.

Where does your reward come from? Let’s take a look:

The exchange’s income from trading is formed from two types of users: the maker (one who places the order) 0.4% and the taker (one who purchases) 0.5% (total income is 0.9%). The income is distributed depending on whose referral program is working.

Simply put, the one who invited the taker gets their share – 20% of the 0.5% commission, and the one who invited the maker gets 20% of the 0.4% commission earned by the exchange.

More partners – more clients – more earnings for everyone.

For example: you invited a taker and they made a request for 1000 USD. If this application works out, then you will receive 20% of the exchange’s income from it. The exchange earned 0.5% (5 USD) on this deal, which means your reward is 1 USD.

The referral system applies to all trading pairs. Your referral link is available in your Unit Exchange personal account in the Profile section.

Start creating another source of income today.

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Enrollment for the second stream of the “MLCI PRO” training is open

Evorich continues recruiting for the “MLCI PRO” training program on scaling and reaching a new level of your business in the field of multilevel crowdinvesting.

The second stream of the training starts on 2 November 2021.

The goal of the program is to transfer cutting edge knowledge to aspiring and current entrepreneurs of MLCI business from industry leaders. This will open up millions of financial opportunities for you and provide you with a chance to gain financial freedom and independence in a short time.

More than 131 people took part in the first stream. Here’s what some of them say:

Lobke Opsteen, Netherlands:

This training refreshed my dreams and goals and rekindled my inner fire.

Shimreishang Shimray, India:

Every session, every speaker, every training was amazing. I learned a lot of new business concepts, knowledge and growth strategies from different teachers. 

Mustafa Bait Mabrook, Oman:

I cannot describe in words what I came out with. The training was amazing, it was incredibly interesting to study the power of duplication, social networks, how to be a real leader, how to find your goal, your mission, the formula of dreams, success and destiny, to realize the power of multilevel crowdinvesting (MLCI), to adopt the strategy of building a business in your country.

It helps me a lot with presentations, persuasion and communication with people. I learned the power of investment. It improves my skills in leadership, communication, interaction in social networks, self-development.

If you are one of the participants of the first stream and have already completed the training course, but you did not have enough individual consultations with mentors and personal feedback, we recommend that you consider the “Mentoring Program”.

And if you are just planning to undergo training in the second stream and want to receive the support of experienced mentors, we recommend using the advantageous offer “MLCI PRO: LEADER’S PACKAGE”, which already includes the “MLCI PRO” course and the “Mentoring Program”, and even with an additional discount.

Moreover, the price for ALL products of the “MLCI PRO” series is temporarily reduced. Take advantage of the moment!

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More gifts for Congress Italy 2021 participants!

Participants of CONGRESS ITALY 2021 who paid for live participation or online broadcast of the event, you have access to the promised gift worth 360 UNT: the “Personal Finance and the Fundamentals of Private Investing”. Module 1 “Beginner” from the Academy of a Private Investor!

A link to the training has been sent to your email. Follow the instructions in the letter, activate your account and start learning!

  • Sender: Academy of Private Investment
  • Sender address: info@academyprivateinvestment.com

Happy learning!

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Stunning reduction in prices for all products in the “MLCI PRO” series!

We have reduced prices for all products from the “MLCI PRO” series! Yes, you heard right. Due to the great interest in the installment packages, we decided to reduce the cost so that as many partners as possible could get new, innovative and useful knowledge at a low price.


“MLCI PRO” — 8 steps to your financial well-being. With this training, you will be able to become a real leader and mentor with a solid theoretical base and a confident strategy in achieving all your goals.

If you are ready to implement the most powerful business system in just 1 month and inevitably become a world class Top-Leader in our company – this training is for you.

Cost: 2500 UNT → 1200 UNT


“MLCI PRO MENTORING PROGRAM” — an additional offer for those participants of the “MLCI Pro” course who want to make a qualitative breakthrough in development and receive the support of experienced mentors who will help you to succeed and achieve success many times faster.

You will not be left alone with new information. The support will provide individual consultations with mentors, personal feedback on the training completed.

Cost: 600 UNT → 300 UNT (or installments for 3 months, the monthly payment is only 100 UNT)


Best seller — “MLCI PRO: LEADER’S PACKAGE”. This course was created for those who are not used to being content with small things: the package for true Leaders includes all the necessary knowledge to develop and scale a MLCI business, a mentoring program and support from experienced mentors, as well as the opportunity to save a lot.

Bonus course: ”Million-dollar partner: start in the MLCI business” as a present!

Cost: 3100 UNT → 1300 UNT (or installments for 4 months, the monthly payment is only 325 UNT)

Use the offer →

Your benefit can be up to 58% and savings up to 1800 UNT!

Learn, save and develop with Evorich!

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Meet the updated “Public speaking” training!

“Public speaking is needed in order to help people make a certain decision, but the most important thing is to get drive, feedback from a large number of people who perceived the value they were given.”

A. Khovratov

Probably every person dreamed and imagined themself performing on stage in front of a large audience. Bathing in applause, experiencing delight and hearing the cries of “bravo”.

The ability to perform successfully and brightly, emotionally and convincingly, masterfully control the audience, its attention and mood is a real art.

“Public speaking” training – an online course with the best oratory practices in the world – “Public speaking: in life and online.” The author of the course is a real professional of public speaking, actor and director Igor Nezovibatko.

The course consists of 6 lessons aimed at making you a Genius of the Word, and is now available to absolutely all Evorich clients and partners! Choose the level that’s right for you and begin your journey to public speaking success and excellence:

  • “Public speaking” training Basic – online course (6 lessons)
  • “Public speaking” training Professional – online course (6 lessons) + 3 group lessons, 50 places available
  • “Public speaking” training Individual – online course (6 lessons) + 3 individual lessons with Igor Nezovibatko, only 5 free places!

What our partners, who have already completed the “Public speaking” course from Igor Nezovibatko, say:

“Igor is a really great instructor, he is enthusiastic about what he teaches and is patient with students, pushing us out of our comfort zone with encouragement and great support.”

Salma Al Khalasi

“I highly recommend this course as it not only teaches teamwork but also provides individual progress. Many thanks to our coach Igor for building our confidence and sharing his secrets of effective communication.”

Ruta Dolbear

“My experience with Igor in the Public speaking training was amazing. I have received so many useful things and apply all the recommendations to improve myself as a speaker. “

Carmen Walker

If you are developing a MLCI business – this training is for you! Become a master of words, learn how to convey information to people correctly and unleash your hidden potential.

Become a master of words in 6 intensive lessons

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“MLCI Pro Mentoring Program”: turn knowledge into practice!

Dear MLCI PRO participants, we have improved the training, making it even more useful and interesting: an additional offer for training participants is available in the Evorich personal account – the MLCI Pro Mentoring Program!

This means that you will not be left alone with new information. Experienced mentors such as Andrey Khovratov, Mila Serdyukova, Armands Murnieks, Dragos Stanciu and members of the Board of Ambassadors will provide individual advice, personal feedback on the material covered, suggest ways of practical application of the knowledge gained and answer all your questions.

Moreover, you can take advantage of a 25% discount!

The product is available for payment as a single payment or in instalments for 3 months. Mentoring sessions will begin immediately after your graduation.

How the support will take place: 6 mentoring sessions (2 sessions per month, duration 3 months). The duration of each session is approximately 1 hour.

And if you did not manage to get into the first stream of training, a special offer “MLCI Pro: Leader’s Package” is available for you, which includes access to the MLCI PRO training and the Mentoring Program with a 42% discount.

Learn, save, start working for results now!

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Million-Dollar Partner: Start in the MLCI Business

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“Public Speaking” individual course

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“Public Speaking” basic course

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Evorich representative office in Peru

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Evorich representative office in India

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Evorich representative office in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Evorich representative office in the Netherlands